These Amenities At Your Assisted Living Home Can Support Your Active Lifestyle

Posted on: 15 June 2017

Moving into an assisted living home doesn't mean that you have to give up your active lifestyle. If you're interested in making this move but want to ensure that you can still be active in some manner each day, it's important to find the right assisted living home for you. When you visit different facilities to evaluate them, don't overlook the fitness-related amenities that each will provide. Although many homes will have regular outings to local fitness facilities, others will have such facilities on their property. The latter scenario can be highly appealing to those who enjoy keeping active. Here are some amenities that you want to find at your assisted living home.

Swimming Pool

An on-site swimming pool is a valuable asset to any person who leads an active lifestyle and wishes to continue to do so upon moving into assisted living. A swimming pool allows you to enjoy some solo exercise time by swimming laps, but there may also be an opportunity to join a group exercise class for some water aerobics. As you age, you'll often appreciate swimming as an exercise even more — the lack of impact during this activity won't lead to pain in your joints, which can't be said for things such as walking.

Exercise Room

Some assisted living facilities offer residents the use of a gym or exercise room, and this amenity is handy if you enjoy leading an active lifestyle. Such a room may offer a variety of cardiovascular exercise machines that you can use to keep active, including a treadmill and a stationary bicycle. There may also be a selection of weight machines and free weights. While you might be long last living heavy weights, some regular weight training with lighter barbells and dumbbells can help you to keep physical healthy as you age.

Dance Room

Whether the assisted living facility has a dedicated dance room or simply clears out another room for regular dance-related events, this amenity is ideal for those who enjoy keeping active. Dancing is a valuable way for senior citizens to get exercise, and it's also a fun way to meet new people once you move into the assisted living home. You may even have an opportunity to take dance lessons from an instructor who visits the facility. By selecting an assisted living home that offers these three amenities (like Stillwaters Colonial Residence), you'll be confident that your change in living environments supports your commitment to keeping active.