A Brief Stay In Assisted Living Can Help

Posted on: 21 June 2017

While many people move into assisted living homes for an indefinite stay, others may rely on this type of lodging for a brief visit. If you're facing a health issue that you can't handle on your own, you might commonly turn to help from family members. However, if none of your family members reside near you and it's impractical for them to travel to stay with you until you're over the issue, you may need to rely on outside help.

Finding an assisted living home in your community that has short-term vacancies can provide you with a comfortable environment in which you'll be surrounded by caring health professionals who will assist you however needed. Here are some times that you'll want to consider making this move.

You Need To Take Several Types Of Medication

If you've been prescribed a variety of types of medication for any issue, it can occasionally feel overwhelming to take them all. You may need to take certain pills at certain times of the day; some things will need to be taken on an empty stomach, while other medication will need to be taken at mealtime. You can't risk getting your medication intake confused; taking the wrong pill at the wrong time or forgetting something entirely could lead to unwanted consequences. When you move into an assisted living facility, the caregivers will set a medication schedule to ensure that you receive what you need when you need it.

You Can't Get Around On Your Own

Whether you've fallen and have sustained an injury or you've just gone through surgery, you might find yourself facing mobility challenges. Staying in your home may be impractical until you recuperate. If you're using a walker or a wheelchair, for example, navigating the stairs in your home may be a no-go. A brief stay in assisted living will allow you to heal from the injury or surgery in an environment that is conducive to your mobility challenges.

You Have An Illness But Can't Stay At A Hospital

The hospital might be your first destination when you fall ill, but you may be discharged at a certain point. In this scenario, you might not be ill enough to warrant staying at the hospital, but you're too ill to stay at home by yourself. In assisted living, you'll not only have healthcare professionals to care for you, but also other staff who will prepare you the meals you want, do your laundry, and perform other services so that you can concentrate on getting your rest and getting over your illness.

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