How Can You Determine If A Nursing Home Is Good For Your Loved One?

Posted on: 24 June 2017

Some families are hesitant to suggest nursing homes to elderly family members out of misconceptions that have led many to believe that they are not safe. The reality is that an overwhelming majority of nursing homes are safe and provide good care for their residents. If you are considering nursing home care for an elderly loved one, here is what you need to know about finding the right one for him or her.  

What Are Warning Signs to Look For? 

Although a majority of nursing homes provide good care, you still need to know the signs of one that might not be living up to the standards you would expect. During your tours of nursing homes, there are some signs that you can look for that signal it might not be the place for your loved one.  

One of the most noticeable signs is the cleanliness and level of comfort in the nursing home. You also should look at the ratio of staff to residents. Each state has guidelines that dictate how many staff members there should be for each group of residents. The facility director can provide you with the ratio for the nursing home you are touring.  

You should also check with your state's long-term care ombudsman for complaints. A history of complaints could indicate that the nursing home might not provide the care your loved one needs.  

What Are Signs of a Good Nursing Home? 

Since most of the nursing homes in your area likely provide top notch care for elderly residents, identifying the good ones should be relatively easy. There are some factors to look for that can signal a good choice for your loved one.  

For instance, a building that appears to be in good condition is likely well-kept. Look for signs, such as landscaping, security systems, and a courtyard for the residents. There should also be emergency vehicle parking in close proximity to the entrance of the building. This can signal that getting the emergency care that is needed for residents in medical crisis is of the utmost importance to the facility.  

You can also look to the residents that are currently living in the nursing homes. Take the time to talk to them about whether or not they are happy and if there are any changes they would make to the facility. The residents have first-hand experience with living in the facility and can help you quickly assess whether or not it will be right for your loved one. 

For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Regina Nursing Center.